Leighton Drake of Drawn to Life Ministries is a lay evangelizer and dynamic motivational speaker, bringing the Gospel message of God’s love to people of all ages through his ministry of word and art. He served as the Director of Faith Formation for a parish in the Diocese of Phoenix, and has extensive ministry experience working with children, youth, families, incarcerated youth, and adults.

Leighton’s journey to faith began when he was a young man making a trek through the arid wastelands of agnosticism. Craving to quench his spiritual thirst, he sought answers to the great questions of life: Who am I? What’s my purpose? Divine Providence led him to a mission to the poor in Mexico, where he was commissioned to do drawings to benefit the mission’s outreach. It was there that the parched, young agnostic first encountered the living waters of Jesus Christ.

(See slideshow for sketches from the mission trip.)

Like his Patron, St. Augustine, Leighton resisted the truth that pursued him until, exhausted,  he finally stopped running and let the love of God capture his heart. And, like St. Augustine, he discovered that the human heart is made for God and is restless until it rests in HIM.



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