“Leighton has a way of clearly communicating the essentials in a dynamic way through his teaching, witness and art.


Leighton is not only an excellent teacher, but he is an authentic witness to what he teaches, this witness captivates the crowd and draws them into his presentation.”


Ryan Hanning,

Director of Parish Leadership Support, Diocese of Phoenix

“The combination of truth and beauty in the presentations given by Leighton resonate deeply in the hearts of those who experience them.  Dostoevsky once wrote, “The world will be saved by beauty.”  As Catholics, we know in what sense that is quite true.  Drawn to Life Ministries is used powerfully by the Lord to help this happen.”

Mike Phelan

Director of Marriage & Respect Life, Diocese of Phoenix

“I looked around the room and I could see they were spellbound, and he had totally pulled them into the art as he created it.”

Barb Lishko

Youth Ministry Director,

St. Andrews Catholic Church

"Leighton's honesty and the authenticity of his testimony speak volumes through his prayerful productions of art.


The heart and soul that go into Leighton's apostolate are evident in his mission to proclaim the beauty of the faith."

                                                                                                                                        Pamelle Easterling

Young Adult Group Coordinator

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