Parish Missions are usually 2-3 evenings,

but may be adapted to a one night event.

“Drawn to Life Through Living Faith” 

    a Year of Faith Presentation of Drawn to Life Ministries



  1. Bullet     Do you ever ask, "Where’s the joy that I am promised as a Christian?”


  1. Bullet     Do you wonder about the meaning of your existence and your purpose in life?


  1. Bullet     Do you fear for your family’s welfare, for your relationships, for your children’s future?


  1. Bullet     Do you struggle to integrate Sunday faith with weekday life?



Many of us sense that God is calling us to a more vibrant and consistent awareness of His presence in our lives, but find that we are distracted by the details of daily existence. We desire to know the fullness of life that Christ promises, but it seems there are many obstacles in the way. In this presentation we explore the reality of God’s presence in the “ordinary” of our lives, moving from a Sunday-only faith to a faith that is alive and active throughout the week. 

“What Are We Waiting For?”

    An Advent Mission of Drawn to Life Ministries

        (may be presented at other times of the Church year)

Session 1: What do We Seek?

A reflection on John 1:35-42, this session will reflect on the question that Jesus posed to his first disciples: “What do you seek?” We will examine the things that distract us from our search for what is true, good, and beautiful. We will confront the issues head on that seem to lead us astray from honest seeking. And we will ask ourselves what it is we truly seek, what every heart truly longs for, in the light of St. Augustine’s prayer: “You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless, until it rests in you. (Confessions, Book 1)”

Session 2: What Holds Us Back?

Reflecting on Mark 10:17-27, the story of the rich young man who came to Jesus, we will explore the missing element in the man’s life. We will examine his disposition and our own readiness to “give everything up” in order to follow the Savior. And we will ponder what it is that Jesus might be asking of us personally and as a community, what it is that He invites us to let go of in order to follow Him. 

Session 3: What Are We Waiting For?

In this final session we will reflect on the Magnificat, Luke 1:47-55. We will look to Mary as the model of total abandonment to the will of God. We will examine what it means to be a joyful disciple in the mission field of our daily lives. Finally, we will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all our desires, that He is our joy and our hope, and that it is through Him that we are led to the love of the Father in the Holy Spirit. Through the sacraments we encounter the living Jesus Christ.

 Other topics are available at request.

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